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dimanche 16 juillet 2017

A Faithful Guitar

A1 - Ginger & Johnny - Covered Wagon Caravan
A2 - Jesse Stone - A Penny For Your Thoughts
A3 - Rex Zario - Do You Think It's Fair
A4 - Art Taber - Somebody's Breaking My Heart
A5 - Marty Smith - Spoiled, Pampered And Babied
A6 - Nick Nastos - Bull Doggin' The Steel
B1 - Ginger & Johnny - Blue Ranger
B2 - Jesse Stone - I'll Find Someone
B3 - Rex Zario - Between The Lines
B4 - Art Taber - Shackled
B5 - Marty Smith - Storm On The Ocean
B6 - Jack Howard - A Faithful Guitar

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3 commentaires:

Gill a dit…

Thanks... here's a bit more feedback on your download survey... this one tripped a bunch of RED BANNER warnings from McAfee, it really didn't like something in the background this time. I'm running Malwarebytes on it as I type... 1:15:20 later, MalWare did find something, but nothing related to this, ok, now the "Byte.Me" thing is getting on my nerves...

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Gill:
When this kind of trouble happen, I use CCleaner to flush caches without going through the browser.

Michael a dit…

Thank you for this lovely and rare album!