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lundi 26 juin 2017

The Joint Is Really Jumpin'

A1 - Charlie Feathers - Wild Wild Party
A2 - Lloyd Arnold - Schooldays
A3 - Hoyt Johnson - Enie Meanie Minie Mo
A4 - Jay Hadley - Dance Baby Dance
A5 - Howard Chandler - Wampus Cat
A6 - Ray Scott - Boppin' Wig Wam Willie
A7 - Ray Scott - The Train's Done Gone
B1 - Eddie Bond - Here Comes That Train
B2 - Danny Williams - Guess I'll Cry Instead
B3 - Roy Jones - Your Pilot Light Went Out
B4 - Jimmy Evans - The Joint Is Really Jumpin'
B5 - Charlie Feathers - Today And Tomorrow
B6 - Lloyd Arnold - Sugaree
B7 - Roy Alden - Crazy Memories

Vinyl rip. Covers, label

5 commentaires:

Searnav a dit…

Thanks Uncle. If you have Redita 102 (1st series), please post it too.

Anonyme a dit…

Ahh Redita... what a great label. Merci Uncle Gil \m/

Black Cat Bone

Uncle Gil a dit…

Yep, Redita was a great label...
@ searnav : I don't have it physically... This album was named "The Sound Of Rockabilly".

Searnav a dit…

OK Uncle, I have The Sound Of Rockabilly LP "physically"; I just asked you so I wouldn't have to rip it again if you happened to have it. My copy is signed by Eddie Bond on the back. Interested in rips and scans ?

Searnav a dit…

Oops sorry, Eddie Bond's autograph is on the back of Rock From Memphis, not Sound Of Rockabilly.