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jeudi 8 juin 2017

Psycho Girls & Psycho Boys

A1 - The Academy Of Trust - Feat. Jim Lauderdale
A2 - Luna's Song - Feat. Lucas Reynolds
A3 - The Road To Nowhere - Feat. Shawn Camp
A4 - Psycho Girls & Psycho Boys - Feat. Sam Bush & Melonie Cannon
A5 - I Lost Him - Feat. Melonie Cannon
A6 - Fade Away - Feat. Troy Johnson And Others
B1 - Always Alone - Feat. Ronnie Bowman
B2 - Dancing Queen - Feat. Melonie Cannon
B3 - The Private Song - Feat. Ronnie Bowman
B4 - Pretty Vacant - Feat. Rosie Flores
B5 - I'm Rollin' - Feat. The Nashville Bluegrass Band
B6 - Seven Guns & Seven Holes - Feat. David Olney

By request.
Found at "La Récupérette", Clisson.
Vinyl rip. Complete artwork.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi friend, thank you for Moonshine Sessions, superb!

Please, post the others volumes.

Thanks in advance!

Congrats for the wonderful Blog Uncle Gil!


Uncle Gil a dit…

@Henry: I'm sorry, that's the only volume I found...
I will be attentive in my research...