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vendredi 2 juin 2017

Payday At Coal Creek

From Hommage To Woody Guthrie 25.021978
1.Dixie Darling
2.Grand Coulee Dam
3. When The Curfew Blows
From Wolfsburg Commode
4.Introduction To Pretty Polly
5.Pretty Polly
6.Introduction To Poor Ellen Smith
7.Poor Ellen Smith
8.Introduction And Dixie Darling + Way Down The Old Plank Road
9.Introduction To Payday At Coal Creek
10. Payday At Coal Creek
11. Introduction To Darling Corey
12. Darling Corey
From Magic Banjo
13. T For Texas – Mule Skinner Blues
From Folk Friends
14. I’m Sad And I’m Lonely (w. Wizz Jones)
15. Black Jack Davey (w. Wizz Jones)
16. Payday At Coal Creek
17. Columbus Georgia

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