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vendredi 9 juin 2017

Hot Blooded Woman Blues

A1 - See About My Brother John Henry
A2 - Hot Blooded Woman Blues
A3 - Black Hannah
A4 - I Walked From Dallas
A5 - Going Back To Baden-Baden
B1 - Sometimes She Loves Me
B2 - You Got Another Man
B3 - I'm Going Back, Baby
B4 - Mother Earth
B5 - Jesus Won't You Come By Here

Vinyl rip by Abby Rhoade. Posted by jollyjumper

3 commentaires:

Abby Rhoade a dit…

I don't know where JollyJumper took this from but this is my rip and scans.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Merci de rafraîchir mes neurones... Dans le doute je m'étais abstenu de mentionner qui que ce soit... sauf le postier bien entendu.
Credit donné. :)

Abby a dit…

No problem Unca