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mardi 27 juin 2017

Hang Loose

A1 - Been Livin' Wrong
A2 - My Adress Is The Same
A3 - Danger!
A4 - Ain't Had No Loving
A5 - Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
A6 - There Might've Been A Love Song
B1 - Hang Loose
B2 - One-Eyed Sam
B3 - Hang Loose (Overdubbed)
B4 - Heart Throb
B5 - No Time For Heartaches

Home Made Compilation and Artwork

2 commentaires:

Duke a dit…

SPLENDID! I love the overdubbed version of 'Hang Loose'. You are one cool cookie UncleGil

Anonyme a dit…

Superbe Merci Daniel