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samedi 24 juin 2017

Daisy Bread Boogie

A1 - Gene Simmons - Goin' Back To Memphis
A2 - Onie Wheeler - Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox
A3 - Earl Peterson - Daisy Bread Boogie
A4 - Slim Rhodes - Do What I Did
A5 - Slim Rhodes - Take And Give
A6 - Randy Lee - Tell Me
A7 - Malcolm Yelvington - Gal Named Joe
A8 - Jack Clement - Edge Of Town
B1 - Glenn Honeycutt - Right Gal, Right Place, Right Time
B2 - Hardrock Gunter - Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby
B3 - Billy Riley - Memphis Blues
B4 - Ernie Chaffin - Lonesome For My Baby
B5 - Ernie Chaffin - I'm Lonesome
B6 - Tommy Blake - Lordy Hoody
B7 - Carl Perkins - Big Taxes
B8 - Carl Perkins - It Started

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

4 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Some real classics here : "Lordy Hoody" is much better than the RCA version - great guitar by Carl Adams!. "Take And Give" is an underrated gem, with fantastic Elvisy vocals by legendary Sandy Brooks. Whatever happened to him?
Thanks Uncle Gil for this album! This music will never die!

Uncle Gil a dit…

Always a pleasure to read your comments, Mister Moon!

peeterspete a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

Is it possible to upload all the Rollin' Rock singles after you've finished the LP series ?? Or make a Home made series of all the singles ?

greetings Pete

PS keep up all the good work

Anonyme a dit…

i take my hat off to you ( if i had one).great effort on your part.rock and rockabilly lives on . keith