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samedi 27 mai 2017

What'd I Say

A1 - Ain't That Loving You Baby
A2 - It Hurts Me
B1 - What'd I Say
B2 - Slowly But Surely

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

3 commentaires:

Searnav a dit…

Did you notice that the back cover and the label mention that "It Hurts Me" is the original version of Johnny Hallyday's "Pour Moi Tu Es La Seule". That's wrong, Hallyday's song is a French version of Johnny Watson's "Sweet Lovin' Mama".

Searnav a dit…

Forgot to say, Hallyday's version of "It Hurts Me" is called "Ca Fait Mal".

Alexandre Colobone a dit…

good morning, please re-post, thank you