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mardi 2 mai 2017

Watch Dog

01 - Let's Call It A Day
02 - I'll Drown In My Tears
03 - Last Night
04 - Waiting To Be Loved By You
05 - Heavenly Road
06 - My Mother's Prayer
07 - My Story
08 - Let Me Be Your Love
09 - Don't Make Me Love You
10 - My Poor Heart
11 - I'm Losing You
12 - Going Back To Mexico
13 - Ain't It A Shame
14 - Wild Stage Of Life
15 - Watch Dog
16 - Your Key Don't Fit No More
17 - Troubles On Your Mind
18 - Bumb On A Log
19 - What Could I Do But Believe In Jesus
20 - If The Sun Isn't Shining In Your Window
21 - A Quiet Time With Jesus
22 - Just Whisper

Found somewhere on the clouds. Thanks to original uploader.
Most of all, thanks to Gilles Pétard for have produced this series and Dave Penny for the biographical researches.
If you like it, if you find it, buy it ! …

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Anonyme a dit…

Firefox is blocking the link as a web forgery

Uncle Gil a dit…

I know, Only Firefox block Zippyshare who is secure but denounced by some as dangerous at Mozilla.
Upload-servers war ?

robijntje a dit…

also google chrome is blocking zippyshare, i think zippyshare will be hacked

Anonyme a dit…

I tried again today, and Firefox is now happy to connect to Zippyshare.

Thanks for all you do Uncle G.

teddy cat baz a dit…

thanx uncle gil

Phil Taylor a dit…


Phil Taylor a dit…

Thanks !