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mercredi 24 mai 2017

Two Timin' Annie

500a - You'll Be Lonesome Too - Sheppard Bros
500b - The Steppin' Out Kind - Sheppard Bros
501a - When Mussolini Laid His Pistol Down - Bob McCarthy
501b - Two Timin' Annie - Bob McCarthy
502a - It's Raining Here This Morning (1944 Original) - Grandpa Jones
502a - It's Raining Here This Morning (1946 Remake) - Grandpa Jones
502aa - It's Raining Here This Morning (1946 Remake Alt.) - Grandpa Jones
502b - I'll Be Around If You Need Me (1944 Original) - Grandpa Jones
502b - I'll Be Around If You Need Me (1946 Remake) - Grandpa Jones
503a - Sweet Sweet Thing - Delmore Bros
503b - Prisoner's Farewell - Delmore Bros
504a - I Paid With A Broken Heart - Bill Carlisle
504b - Maggie Get The Hammer (There's A Fly On Baby's Head) - Bill Carlisle
505a - Filipino Baby - Cowboy Copas
505b - I Don't Blame You - Cowboy Copas
506a - Take Me Back Into Your Heart - Bill And Evalina
506b - Good Bye Booze - Bill And Evalina
507a - Tear Stains On Your Letter - Hank Penny
507b - Last Night - Hank Penny
508a - There's A Grave In The Wave Of The Ocean - Grandpa Jones
508b - I'll Never Lose That Loneliness For You - Grandpa Jones
509a - The Last Shovel - Delmore Bros
509b - Remember I Feel Lonesome Too - Delmore Bros
510a - Roll On Your Weary Way - Carlisle Bros
510b - Baby You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me (1946 Remake) - Carlisle Bros
510b - Baby You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me - Carlisle Bros

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Anonyme a dit…

Texas Bill Strength

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Bells of Memory
But Do You Think I'm Happy
Call Of The Wild
Cry, Cry, Cry
Gotta Lotta Love
Heart Don't Complain
Hillbilly Hades
I Guess I'd Better Go
I Was Only Teasin' You
If I Could Buy Your Love
I'm Walking In Heaven
It Ain't Much But It's Home
It's Nice To Be Living
Let's Make Love Or Go Home One (Tabby West)
King Size Broken Heart
Let The Chips Fall
Let's Make Love Or Go Home One (Tabby West)
Little Red Wagon
Million Memories
Molly Darlin'
Moment I Found You
Mr. Moon Sailing High
Nervous As A Cat
Nobody Knows This More Than Me
North Wind
Paper Boy Boogie
Picture Of My Heart
Please Don't Ever Forget Me
Post No Bills
Prisoner's Song
Rain Or Shine
Someday You'll Call My Name
Substitute Love
Tears In My Beer
That Lucky Old Sun
There's No Way Out
Try To Think How Lonesome I Would Be
Turn Around
We Will Overcome
What More Can I Do
When I Lost My Baby
When The Bright Lights Grow Dim
Where Did My Heart Go
Y'All Come
Yellow Rose of Texas
You Can't Have My Love (Tabby West)
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore


Black Coffee Blues
I'm Doing a Peach of a Job
Six Fools


Uncle Gil a dit…

@Anonym: Thank you for these tracks. A good idea for a future HMC project !

SWingB a dit…

Now, this set is what a blues pal of mine calls "Groovacious"!! Thanks to whoever put all this together and upped it... Wowsers!!!!!! :)