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dimanche 14 mai 2017

The Star Of The Show (Up)

A1 - Country Boy's Dream
A2 - If I Could Come Back
A3 - Sweet Misery
A4 - Stateside
A5 - Detroit City
A6 - Unmitigated Gall
B1 - Shine, Shine, Shine
B2 - Dream on Little Dreamer
B3 - You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country
B4 - The Star Of The Show
B5 - Home (That's where the Heart Is)
B6 - Poor Boy Blues

From the web. Posted by Stampede.

2 commentaires:

Alexandre Colobone a dit…

hy friend, good morning, please re-post, thank you

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Alexandre,
Be patient for all your requests...