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lundi 15 mai 2017

The Man With A Heart Of Gold

A1 - Warren Smith - I'm Movin' On
A2 - Warren Smith - I Couldn't Take The Chance
A3 - Mack Self - River Of Love
A4 - Ernie Barton - The Battle Of Earl K. Long
A5 - Ernie Barton - The Man With A Heart Of Gold
A6 - Danny Stewart - I'll Change My Ways
A7 - Johnny Powers - With Your Love, With Your Kiss
A8 - Edwin Bruce - Rock Boppin' Baby
B1 - Billy Riley - Wouldn't You Know
B2 - Billy Riley - Pearly Lee
B3 - Billy Riley - Long Gone
B4 - Warren Smith - Sweet Sweet Girl
B5 - Ray Smith - Rockin' Bandit
B6 - Ray Smith - You Made A Hit
B7 - Gene Simmons - I Done Told You
B8 - Tommy Blake - I Dig You Baby

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels (UP-Special request by James?)

3 commentaires:

Leopard Man a dit…

another beautiful sun compilation! thanks a million uncle gil!

rick a dit…

hi uncle gil.
do you have bopcat LP 700, rock around the town?
thanks so much.

jonder a dit…
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