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lundi 15 mai 2017

That's The Way I Feel

A1 - Logan Gentry (Eddie Noack) - Alone With You
A2 - Logan Gentry And The Toppers (Eddie Noack) - City Lights
A3 - Marty Lewis (George Jones) - That's The Way I Feel
A4 - Lee Wilder (Eddie Noack) - Oh Lonesome Me
A5 - Jesse Wall  And The Toppers (Sleepy Labeef) - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
A6 - Logan Gentry (George Jones) - Nothing Can Stop Me
B1 - Jim Willis (Eddie Noack) - Invitation To The Blues
B2 - Curly Wiley And The Toppers (Eddie Noack) - Give Myself A Party
B3 - The Sims Brothers - Tupelo County Jail
B4 - Shorty Bryant And The Toppers (Eddie Noack) - Squaws Along The Yukon
B5 - Hoyt Pruitt And The Toppers (Benny Barnes) - Heads You Win, Tails You Lose
B6 - Fred Nash (Sleepy Labeef) - The Ways Of A Woman In Love

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5 commentaires:

oldrockboy a dit…


Thanks for the real names, so it's easy to identify the tracks. Perhaps "Sims Brothers" (Tupelo County Jail) is actually James O'Gwynn, as I hear.

Rocky Lane a dit…

Is there any chance you have version 2 of this LP (L 1653) with completely different tracks? Thanks.

oldrockboy a dit…

Maybe this is it:

Vinyl and shellac by Starday

Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks oldrockboy !!!

oldrockboy a dit…

And here is vol 2