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mardi 23 mai 2017

RC Cola And Moon Pie

A1 - Countryfied
A2 - The Little House We Built (Just O'Er The Hill)
A3 - Ship Of Love
A4 - All I Want To Hear You Say Is You Love Me
A5 - Beer Drinkin' Blues
A6 - RC Cola And Moon Pie
A7 - There's A Tear In My Beer
B1 - A Nickel For A Dozen Roses
B2 - One More Beer (Then I'm Goin' Home)
B3 - What The Heck Is Goin' On
B4 - Every Tear I Cry
B5 - In The Shadow Of The Pine
B6 - Blowing The Suds Off My Beer
B7 - There's Another In Your Heart

Found on the web. Digital rip. Posted by jollyjumper

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