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samedi 6 mai 2017

Long Long Time Ago (Track 26 corrected)

01 - Little Acorn
02 - Cold As Usual
03 - Jimmy Brown
04 - Everybody's Angel
05 - Ever Since The World Began
06 - Long Long Time Ago
07 - Magic Of Love
08 - One Mornin'
09 - It Could've Been Different
10 - My Refugee
11 - Green Side Of The Mountain
12 - Little By Little
13 - Go Between
14 - Light The Fuse
15 - Gotta Travel On
16 - Alligator Davey
17 - Don't Believe
18 - Bluer Than Blue
19 - Buckeye Road
20 - Lonely Room 21
21 - Lipstick, Tickle Toes, Huggy Bear, Kissy Face Baby
22 - Conscience I'm Guilty
23 - Love Me Forever
24 - There Comes A Time (Baby I Didn't)
25 - I Know, I Know
26 - Honey Come Back (Corrected)
27 - Why Break My Heart (Just To Run Around)
28 - They're Only Words

Ripped from Spotify. 192 kbps quality sample.
Small cover. + Fake HMC covers

8 commentaires:

KL from NYC a dit…

Thank you. I didn't know he recorded singles on a Motown label.

oldrockboy a dit…

Thank you, he's one of my favorites.

RCS shows the 1st 6 tracks of this collection in
as Mel-O-Dy (Mich.) single.

states Mel-o-dy is a Motown subsidiary labels.

Daddy Cool a dit…

Thanks for this - I hadn't realised that the unissued titles had been put out. The session dates are very helpful too.
One question - on "Honey Come Back" at about 2:35 it segues into part of "Little Acorn" - is this the way it sounded when you downloaded it? I just wonder whether someone was building a medley, pressed the wrong button, and we are left with this.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Daddy Cool: Thanks for spotting this error. I just correct it. I don't know how this has happened. I'm sorry.
Thanks again. Cheers

Daddy Cool a dit…

Thanks for the correction - I'm really enjoying this one.

Daddy Cool a dit…

If you don't have it already I've just downloaded Dorsey's 'Unreleased Masters' from here
Slow (just under 30 mins) but it's 320 and sounds fine

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Daddy Cool : Thanks for the link.

PunkRockDeth a dit…

Could you please re-upload?