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jeudi 25 mai 2017

Gun Totin' Mama

511a - There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me - Cowboy Copas
511b - You Live In A World All Your Own - Cowboy Copas
512a - Talkin' 'bout You - Hank Penny
512b - Hope You're Satisfied - Hank Penny
513a - Steppin' Out Kind - Grandpa Jones
513b - You'll Be Lonesome Too - Grandpa Jones
514a - Midnight Special - Delmore Bros
514b - Why Did You Leave Me - Delmore Bros
515a - What Does It Matter To You - Bill Carlisle
515b - You Wouldn't Understand - Bill Carlisle
516a - Gun Totin' Mama - Cowboy Copas
516b - Please Answer My Letter - Cowboy Copas
517a - Don't Sweet Talk Me - Grandpa Jones
517b - Maybe You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone - Grandpa Jones
518a - Be My Little Pet - Delmore Brothers
518b - Lonely Moon - Delmore Brothers
519a - When You Cry, You Cry Alone - Hank Penny
519b - I'm Singing The Blues - Hank Penny
520a - Foolish Pride (Can Break Your Heart) - Curt Barrett And The Trailsmen
520b - You Sure Let Me Down (Little Darling) - Curt Barrett And The Trailsmen
521a - Bless Your Heart Little Girl - Hank Penny
521b - If You'd Only Be True - Hank Penny
522a - My Conscience Never Bothers Me - Curt Barrett
522b - Hey Bartender - Curt Barrett
523a - Silver Dew On The Blue Grass Tonight - Riley Shepard
523b - The Bluetail Fly - Riley Shepard

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SWingB a dit…

Thanks for this great set! Awesomeness!!