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samedi 6 mai 2017

Gear Jammer

A1 - Moore And Napier - Truck Drivers Queen
A2 - Moore And Napier - Long White Line
A3 - Moore And Napier - Hotrod Kids And Women Drivers
A4 - Jimmy Logsdon - Gear Jammer
A5 - Moore And Napier - Truck Drivers Woman
B1 - Reno And Smiley - Little Mountain Road
B2 - Reno And Smiley - Open Road
B3 - Jimmy Logsdon - Truck Drivin' Daddy
B4 - Reno And Smiley - Cross Roads
B5 - Reno And Smiley - Brand New Road

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for making these old country music albums available. I make copies of them for the group of older people I go out to eat with once a month.

Waterloo, Iowa

Uncle Gil a dit…

Bravo! I'm glad to know that my little work can make people happy.
Thank you to you for this great initiative.

rob burns a dit…

thanks unc!

apauling a dit…

Many thanks for what is obviously a labor of love. I love American roots music of all descriptions and your blog is a veritable treasure trove. One technical question: I'm impressed with the overall quality of your digital rips and was curious what kind analog/digital converter you use.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ apauling: Thank you very much for your comment. In some cases, I use Cooledit2000 and the ClickFix filter and(or) AdobeAudition, SoundForge and some "Waves" filters.