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vendredi 26 mai 2017

Flamin' Mamie

524a - I've Been All Around This World - Grandpa Jones
524b - Our Worlds Are Not The Same - Grandpa Jones
525a - Fast Express - Delmore Brothers
525b - I've Found An Angel - Delmore Brothers
526a - There's No Use To Pretend - Roy Starkey
526b - How Many Tears (Must I Shed Over You) - Roy Starkey
527a - Hillbilly Boogie - Delmore Brothers
527b - I'm Sorry I Caused You To Cry - Delmore Brothers
528a - Steel Guitar Stomp - Hank Penny
528b - I'm Counting The Days - Hank Penny
529a - (You Say) It's All Over Now - Cliff Carlisle
529b - Stay Away! Don't Bother Me! - Cliff Carlisle
530a - Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Brown's Ferry Four
530b - Just A Little Talk With Jesus - Brown's Ferry Four
531a - I Trusted You - Riley Shepard
531b - I Was Never Nearer Heaven - Riley Shepard
532a - 8 More Miles To Louisville - Grandpa Jones
532b - Tears That Make Believe - Grandpa Jones
533a - She Left Me Standing On The Mountain - Delmore Bros
533b - I'm Lonesome Without You - Delmore Bros
534a - Flamin' Mamie - Hank Penny
534b - I Just Can't Understand - Hank Penny
535a - Rainbow At Midnight - Carlisle Bros
535b - Don't Tell Me Your Worries - Carlisle Bros
536a - There's A New Day Tomorrow - Jimmie Widener
536b - What A Line - Jimmie Widener

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SWingB a dit…

Absotively positlutely wondermous!!! Many, many THANKS!!!