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jeudi 25 mai 2017

Everybody's Rockin'

A1 - Unknown Artist - Engine, Engine Number 9
A2 - Unknown Artist - Dang Me
A3 - Jenks 'Tex' Carman - Hilo March
A4 - Unknown Artist - Please Daddy, Let's Go
A5 - Al Muniz - Walkin' By Myself
A6 - Harley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt - Hey Baby
B1 - Jimmy Patton - I'm Not Schuckin'
B2 - Whitey Pullen - Everybody's Rockin'
B3 - Sterling Blythe - It's Too Late For Cryin'
B4 - Wayne West - Like The Chickens I Do
B5 - Joannie King - O.k. Doll, It's A Deal
B6 - The Lucky Pennies - Lovable One

Vinyl rip. Artwork.

6 commentaires:

DrunkenHobo a dit…

is unknown artist Roger Miller he issued these tracks on Smash?

Robert a dit…

No. It's literally one of the worst cover versions of any song I have ever heard. I bought a copy of this LP a couple years ago at a flea market and laugh uncontrollably every time I hear that song...

Andyrama a dit…

That's the spirit Gil! Fight fire with fire.

Love your new banner for your blog. Methinks though that it is a small minority who would call you by such a name.

Your still my favorite oncle.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Andyrama : Thanks for the encouragements...

Anonyme a dit…


Rube Rubin And The Westerners

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Anonyme: Thanks for this link.
I am going to inquire. It's possible that it is an invention of iTunes and Amazon.