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mardi 18 avril 2017

Wild Georgia Boy (Up)

01 - Bill Monroe - Can You Hear Me Callin'
02 - Bill Monroe - Somebody Touched Me
03 - The Osborne Brothers - Cuckoo Bird
04 - The Osborne Brothers - Muleskinner Blues
05 - The Osborne Brothers - Take This Hammer
06 - Bill Monroe - Seasons Of Love
07 - Jim & Jesse - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
08 - Allen Shelton - Sourwood Mountain
09 - Jim & Jesse - Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
10 - Jim & Jesse - Ole Slewfoot
11 - Allen Shelton And Jim & Jesse - Duelin' Banjos
12 - Jim & Jesse - Wild Georgia Boy
13 - Jim & Jesse - Better Time's A Comin'
14 - Bill Monroe & Peter Rowan - Shady Grove
15 - Bill Monroe - True Life's Blues
16 - The Osborne Brothers - I'll Be Allright Tomorrow
17 - Jim & Jesse - Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy
18 - Jim & Jesse - Better Time's A Comin'
19 - Allen Shelton - Lonesome Road Blues
20 - Jim & Jesse - It's A Long Way To The Top
21 - Bill Monroe - I Live In The Past
22 - Bill Monroe - There's An Old, Old House
23 - Bill Monroe - Uncle Pen

Home Made Compilation and cover

7 commentaires:

olddutchcleanser a dit…

Thanks for your support Uncle Gil. Long Live Bluegrass!

Greetings from The Netherlands

JohnnyDiego a dit…

Can you give me any insight into the recording of this album. I know that it is a home made cover and the bit rates vary so I'm thinking that you have compiled it from various places. Or was this actually one show and if so do you know the dates. A cursory research seems to mention the Viet Nam War era.
Thanks for your help, Uncle.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@JohnnyDiego: as it is write, these are extracts from various "Armed Forces Radio Shows". I don't have the numbers nor the dates in memory. Sorry.

meuchk a dit…

Gilles Peux-tu reposter cet album s'il te plait

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Claude : c'est toi qui souhaitais le volume 5 de Bill Monroe ? Je l'ai envoyé à un autre Claude... qui a été surpris de cette attention.
Si c'est toujours le cas, Communiques-moi une adresse mail...
Je reposte cette compil' Bluegrass.

meuchk a dit…

Merci Gillespour ce repost
C'est bien moi qui t'avais demandé le Volume 5 mais je l'ai récupéré
Yout est bien qui finit bien

Anonyme a dit…

Another one that's sadly expired. Any chance for a re-up? Seems like a cool compilation!