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lundi 10 avril 2017

R.I.P. Bob Wootton

A1 - A Boy Named Sue
A2 - Daddy Sang Bass
A3 - Folsom Prison Blues
A4 - I Walk The Line
A5 - Understand Your Man
A6 - Ring Of Fire
B1 - Wreck Of The Old 97
B2 - Cry, Cry, Cry
B3 - I Still Miss Someone
B4 - Tennessee Flat Top Box
B5 - Forty Shades Of Green

Rip & scans by Rockalain
Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

01 - You Walked Tall (Each Time You Walked The Line)
02 - Folsom Prison Blues
03 - I Still Miss Someone
04 - Mad Dog 20 20 Vision
05 - Drum Time
06 - I've Got Stripes
07 - I Walk The Line
08 - There You Go
09 - Ring Of Fire
10 - My Baby Walks All Over Me
11 - A Legend

Found on the net long time ago...

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I can't not find he is dead
Are you sure?
Greetings from Belgium

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Christiane : je tiens l'info d'un post d'un certain Tex Johan sur la page Facebook de WS Holland...
La page Wikipedia de Bob Wootton a été également mise à jour.

Anonyme a dit…

The Tennessee Three - The Sound Must Go On
(Bob Wootton, W.S. Holland, Dave Roe)

01. You Walked Tall (Each Time You Walked the Line)
written by: Frank Dean
02. Folsom Prison Blues
written by: John R.Cash
03. I Still Miss Someone
written by: John R.Cash
04. Mad Dog 20/20 Vision
written by: Bob Wootton
05. Drum Time
written by: W.S. Holland
06. I've Got Stripes
written by: John R.Cash
07. I Walk the Line
written by: John R.Cash
08. There You Go
written by: John R.Cash
09. Ring of Fire
written by: June Carter; Merle Kilgore
10. My Baby, Walks All Over Me
written by: Billy Mize
11. A Legend
written by: W.S. Holland; Pete Collins

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