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dimanche 16 avril 2017

Push-Ka Pee-Shee Pie (Updated)

01 - Caldonia
02 - Choo Choo Ch' Boogie
03 - Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
04 - Let The Good Times Roll
05 - Reet, Petite And Gone
06 - Buzz Me
07 - Boogie Woogie Blue Plate
08 - Look Out
09 - You're Much Too Fat (And That's That)
10 - Pettin' And Pokin'
11 - Safe, Sane And Single
12 - Push-Ka Pee-Shee Pie (The Saga Of Saga Boy)
13 - Coleslaw
14 - Beans And Corn Bread
15 - Pinetop's Boogie
16 - Saxa Woogie
17 - I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
18 - Five Guys Named Moe
19 - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
20 - I Like 'em Fat Like That
21 - Baby, It's Cold Outside
22 - Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
23 - I'll Be Glad When You're Dead (You Rascal, You)
24 - Lemonade
25 - Saturday Night Fish Fry

Artwork included.

11 commentaires:

paco's brother a dit…

Je vois que, comme tout propriétaire du coffret, par ailleurs excellent, le disque 1 correspond à une interprétation assez exotique de Louis Jordan. Bon, cette compilation ayant été faite à Cuba il est normal qu'ils fassent une petite promo de leur musique!
Bon courage pour continuer ton excellent travail.

standa-hank a dit…

Thanks Uncle, I like Louis Jordan and your blog as well.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@:paco's brother : "...cette compilation ayant été faite à Cuba..." surtout dans la capitale et dans la plus grande illégalité !

bulldogUK a dit…

Merci Uncle,
Great disc ... Are we going to get the full set??
Many thanks

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ bulldogUK: yes... if the creeks don't rise!

Bob Mac a dit…

So there's no Louis Jordan at all on this album, every track is by Edmundo Ros & His Rumba Band. Does anybody know what the correct track titles are? Or which Edmundo Ros CD/LP this is?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Everybody : sorry for the mistake (it seems that all boxsets have this wrong comp).
Right tracks, now...

tupelo a dit…

cela fait 10 ans que j'attends le vrai cd ... Merci Tonton Gil
et j'ai gardé la pochette originale

for 10 yrs I expected the real cd ... Thanks Uncle Gil
and I have kept the original cover

Mr Memory a dit…

Prezado, Uncle Gil, aqui quem vos escrevi é Benjamin Lopez (Mr Memory), sou pesquisador cultural (apenas, HOBBY) e colecionador de discos, dos blogs Arquivo Pop Musical (http://arquivopop79musical.blogspot.com.br/) e Sebo Digital Mr Memory (http://sebodigmrmemory.blogspot.com.br/). Por favor, Uncle Gil, já que o disco postado foi do maestro Edmundo Ros, teria como nós presentear com a capa e a contracapa do CD. Antecipadamente, ficam aqui os meus AGRADECIMENTOS AO SENHOR!!!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Mr Memory: Here's a link to the Edmundo Ros CD "Hot Latin Nights" with a 600x600 cover.


Mr Memory a dit…

MUITO OBRIGADO, Uncle Gil, por ter me concedido a sua atenção e ter atendido ao meu pedido. Me coloco à sua disposição pra qualquer coisa referente ao meu acervo, gravações, fotos e informações. Ok!!!