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dimanche 16 avril 2017

Dream Band Boogie

VA - TANK TOWN BOOGIE - LP White Label WLP 8831

A1 - Hank Harral - Tank Town Boogie (Take 1) (Caprock)
A2 - Hank Harral - She's Gone (Acetate Unissued)
A3 - Hoyle Nix - Summit Ridge Drive (Caprock)
A4 - Hank Harral - Dream Band Boogie (Take 2 Unissued)
A5 - Jimmy Haggett - Without You (Caprock)
A6 - Durwood Daly - That's The Way It Goes (Caprock)
A7 - Hank Harral - Oklahoma Land (Caprock)
B1 - Max Alexander - Little Rome (Caprock)
B2 - Max Alexander - Rock Rock Everybody Rock (Caprock)
B3 - Hank Harral - The D.J. Blues (Caprock)
B4 - Jack Tate - Casanova (Caprock)
B5 - Hank Harral - Dilly Dally Doodle (Unissued)
B6 - Row New - Blue Tomorrow (Caprock)
B7 - Ace Ball - I've Lost Again (Caprock)
B8 - Hank Harral - Tank Town Boogie (Take 3 Unissued)

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels


2 commentaires:

SWinGB a dit…

Uncle Gil, I see there's Hoyle Nix track on this - do you have any more Hoyle Nix? (Somebody really should get a compilation of his GREAT music out there if his son isn't gonna put his dad's music out... oh, the link is a dead megaup link - can you please re-up? Thanks!

Andyrama a dit…


Thanks for requesting these Hoyle Nix recordings.

. . . .I'm downloading now. Can't wait to listen.