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dimanche 30 avril 2017

Basil Smith Stomp

A1 - Shorty Ashford - Turkey's In The Pea Patch
A2 - Jim Gatlin - Would It Matter At All
A3 - Jack Bradshaw - Saturday Night Special
A4 - Stony Calhoun - Bounce Baby Bounce
A5 - Billy Hall - Move Over Rover
A6 - Bill Lillpot - One Eyed Sal
A7 - Basil Smith - Basil Smith Stomp
B1 - Harold Allen & J. T. Watts - I'm Settin' You Free
B2 - Bob Burton - Forty Acres Of My Heart
B3 - Billy Hall - Let Me Love You
B4 - Jack Bradshaw - Out Of The Picture
B5 - Tex Justus - It's Always Been Like Tis
B6 - Ronnie Durbin - Panhandle Rag - Shorty Ashford - A-Sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed
B7 - Jim Gatlin - The Way You're Treatin' Me

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Uncle Gil,

Do you have the Jack Bradshaw LP 109 in this series please ?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi !
Here is:

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks Uncle Gil