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mercredi 1 mars 2017

What's The Matter, Joe

A1 - Take It Away Lucky
A2 - Wind Me Up
A3 - Left Over Lovin'
A4 - Don't Trade
A5 - Don't Worry 'Bout Me, Baby
A6 - When The Bright Lights Grow Dim
A7 - It Ain't Much But It's A Home
B1 - You Done Got Me
B2 - The Worm Has Turned
B3 - For You I Weep
B4 - What's The Matter, Joe
B5 - Think Of Her Now
B6 - If It Ain't On The Menu
B7 - Fair Today, Cold Tomorow

Bonus - A Thinkin' Man's Woman
Bonus - Me And My Baby (demo)

Vinyl rip. Artwork

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