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dimanche 5 mars 2017

NO Bim Bam (UP)

The inclusion of "Bim Bam" (by Don & Dewey), in the precedent post, was a Bootlegger's senior moment... He apologizes :))
By the way, he don't locate a version by Dolly...
Thanks to Anonym for the alert!
Thanks to krobigraubart for the Dolly Lyon info.

01 - Ay La Bas
02 - Big Rock Inn
03 - Alley Cat
04 - I Need Romance
05 - Every day And Every Night
06 - Ooh Daddy
07 - Tell Me, Tell Me
08 - Central 1609
09 - I'd Climb The Highest Mountain
10 - I Wanna Know
11 - You Won't Trouble Me No More
12 - My Man
13 - Down So Long
14 - I'm Lookin' Through Your Window
15 - Palm Of Your Hand (by Dolly Lyon - Apollo 518, 1957)
16 - Times Brings About A Change
17 - You Gotta Be Good To Yourself

Compiled by The Bootlegger

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for the Dolly Cooper collection. But song #5 "BIM BAM" is certainly NOT Dolly singing. You have put in the song "BIM BAM" by Don & Dewey... I would love to hear Dolly's version. Thank you for introducing me to her.

Phil Taylor a dit…


krobigraubart a dit…

Another senior moment... "Palm Of Your Hand" is by Dolly Lyon, released in 1957 on Apollo 518.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@krobigraubart: We are a third age bunch! Thanks for the information.