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mardi 28 mars 2017

Cotton Crop Blues

A1. Houston Boines - Relation Blues
A2. Luther Huff - Bull Dog Blues
A3. Junior Broks - She's A Little Girl
A4. Harmonica Frank - Going Away Walking
A5. Forest City Joe - Memory Of Sonny Boy
A6. Roosevelt Sykes - West Helena Blues
A7. Joe Hill Louis - Feel Like A Million
B1. Sunnyland Slim - Going Back To Memphis
B2. Boyd Gilmore - Rambling On My Mind
B3. Drifting Slim - Good Morning Baby
B4. Willie Love - Seventy Four Blues
B5. James Cotton - Cotton Crop Blues
B6. Baby Face Turner - Gonna Let You Go
B7. Elmore James - Please Find My Baby

Vinyl rip and scans by bopping

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Once upon a time, I treasured this album specifically because it included the Harmonica Frank Floyd track. Of course I'm spoiled by now; but, way back then, listening to that guy was like a revelation to me.

Crab Devil

Bob Mac a dit…

Funny thing was they thought Harmonica Frank was a negro. Record labels like Blues Classics wouldn't have touched a white blues singer with a bargepole back then. Frank sounded so authentic they just assumed he was black. Anyway, a great album. Just listen to Pat Hare's violent guitar on "Cotton Crop". I remember being stunned speechless when I first heard that track.

Anonyme a dit…

@Bob Mac -- agreed: that's some savage-sounding guitar from Pat Hare!

Crab Devil