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samedi 18 février 2017

Raggin' The Guitar

A1 - Billy Byrd & Jimmy Capps - Bee Byrd Bounce
A2 - Jimmy Capps - The Natchez Trace
A3 - Hardrock Gunter - Blue Guitar
A4 - Eddie Eddings - Country Boogie
A5 - Billy Byrd - Gibson Girl
A6 - Hardrock Gunter - Memphis
A7 - Thumbs Carlisle - Springfield Guitar Social
B1 - Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith - Sugarfoot
B2 - Jimmy Capps - Nashville Shuffle
B3 - Hardrock Gunter - Raggin' The Guitar
B4 - Jimmy Capps - Chattanoogie Bound
B5 - Billy Byrd - Teen Age Blues
B6 - Tommy Hill - Skip Along
B7 - Hardrock Gunter - After Hours Guitar

Found on the net. Posted by Eddie Thumbs

5 commentaires:

jose arboleda a dit…

Hello the link is death, thank you Jose fron Colombia.

jose arboleda a dit…

Muchas gracias amigo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jose arboleda a dit…

Gracias por este cd, estoy buscando Duke Robillard Stomp the blues to night, de pronto puedas ayudarme.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Jose!
Sorry, I don't have this album...

jose arboleda a dit…

Gracias .