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mardi 21 février 2017

Don't Ask Me Why

For those who are not familiar with this promising young singer…

A1 - King Creole
A2 - As Long As I Have You
A3 - Hard Headed Woman
A4 - Trouble
A5 - Dixieland Rock
B1 - Don't Ask Me Why
B2 - Lover Doll
B3 - Crawfish
B4 - Young Dreams
B5 - Steadfast, Loyal And True
B6 - New Orleans

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels
Re-up by request

3 commentaires:

Bob Mac a dit…

He's quite a handsome looking young fella, if he sings as well as he looks, and stays well away from cheeseburgers, he should have a promising career.

Ricky Kolbe a dit…

he!he! décidement je retrouve ma jeunesse , uncore un Lp de mes jeunes années ..... top Gil . Mercie pour les 25Cm Ding dong sun aussi ..... je suis decidement au Rockabilly heaven .

Ricardo Alpendre a dit…

I see the King more as a "singles" artist, especially in the fifties, just as rock 'n' roll itself. But this is one of his greatest albums. The movie context turns this frawless soundtrack into a kinda concept album (regarding the arrangements). I love it!