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jeudi 9 février 2017

Boogiology (Up)

01 - Joymaker's Boogie (Soldier's Hop)
02 - Advice To A Fool
03 - That Other Woman's Gotta Go
04 - Rampart Street Jump (Fired Chicken Boogie) (Hep Cat Shuffle)
05 - Stranger
06 - Texas Man
07 - Midnight Boogie
08 - Boogiology (Rockin' Boogie) (Brazos Bottom)
09 - New Flying Home
10 - Jumpin' With Lloyd
11 - Levee Blues
12 - Travling Time
13 - Blues Hangover
14 - Chica Boo
15 - Jungle Town Jubilee
16 - Congo Rhumba
17 - Cute Tee
18 - Black Fantasy
19 - Old Time Shuffle

Found somewhere on the clouds. Thanks to original uploader

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

Another request for RE-UP, if it possible of course ?
In case that You haven't CD Cover, here is it...

Front Cover

Rear Cover

Again big thanks for Your effort!!!
Personal Regards.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank You Uncle Gil for RE-UP...
Especially thanks for the high bitrate and, of course, for the
full CD Covers !!!

Personal Regards.

Uncle Gil a dit…

I realize that I have grabbed this copy (high bitrate and full scans)at the Marcfr's blog "The Blues Years"...
Thanks to him !

Phil Taylor a dit…


Phil Taylor a dit…

New nugget - thank you