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lundi 20 février 2017

Big Stick Of Dynamite

"Goodbye for now" !!!
We have in this series of albums covered female artists from several countries, and done some deeper look into the world of country music from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway... and maybe we have helped some of the down loaders to open their ears and mind for some country music that ain't done in the U.S.A.
It have been a great pleasure to work with this series as we love most of the stuff we have presented.
Los Hombres (Vuelta Records)

01 - Ann Brown - Had I Known What The Cards Hold For Me
02 - Ann Pascoe - How Much Is Love Worth
03 - Anne Kirkpatrick - I Guess We've Been Together For Too Long
04 - Billie Jo Williams - You'll Never Break My Heart
05 - Bonnie Lee & The Country Men - Don't Think That I May Never Go
06 - Connie Cato - Big Stick Of Dynamite
07 - Danni Leigh - I Feel A Heartache
08 - Dolly Dunn - Cherokee Rose
09 - Erin Hay - Jamboree On The Mountain
10 - Jan Howard - Let Me Know
11 - Joy Adams - You Know You Don't Love Me No More
12 - Judy Kanyo - Old Fashioned Heart
13 - Karen Flynn - Sounds Like Love
14 - Kathy Kallick - Send Me Your Address From Heaven
15 - Kerstin Dahlberg - The Bed You Made For Me
16 - Laura Downing - The Ringer
17 - Lee Ann Womack - When The Wheels Are Coming Off
18 - Lois Johnson - The Door Is Always Open
19 - Myra Pearce - Let`s Put Love Back To Work
20 - Patsy Sledd - My First Step Down
21 - Patti Page - That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
22 - Patti Powell - High On Jesus
23 - Philomena Begley - Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)
24 - Rhonda Vincent - I`m Not Over You
25 - Tracey K. Houston - Who's The New Love

Vuelta Records 2017

10 commentaires:

Allan Hansen a dit…

I have enjoyed every volume.Thanks.

howstean a dit…

An amazing collection of country music from every era and style. Well done to the team behind Vuelta and thanks for all your hard work.

Anonyme a dit…

Il a longtemps que je suis ce blog qui est toujours pleine de belles surprises. Je vous remercie infiniment pour l'effort que vous avez tous les jours.
Alvin (Italie)

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Rocky Lane a dit…

Many thanks for the material and your efforts. Discovering new music (to my ears) is the best part of these downloads.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for this wonderful series


JakeBlues a dit…

Many, many thanks for this fantastic series. Much appreciated.

Lester a dit…

Big thanks for this incredible series.

andre a dit…

Many Thanks For All Your Work on this great serie.


Anonyme a dit…

And....that's a thanks from me too! My appreciation plus! Yeeehaaa!

Jennifer :))

Jan V a dit…

Thank you for these great "selected"series.