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dimanche 22 janvier 2017

You're The One

01 - Swing Bop Boogie - Westport 132
02 - Sleep Rock'n'Roll Rock-A-Baby - Westport 132
03 - Lay Your Head On My Shoulder - Westport 140
04 - You're The One - Westport 140
05 - Don't Mean Maybe Baby - Westport 138
06 - I'd Rather Be With You - Westport 138
07 - I Gottum - Westport Unissued

Home Made Compilation and artwork

6 commentaires:

JohnnyDiego a dit…

There you go again, Uncle Gil, fooling me into thinking you've found another old, old record on the bottom of the pile.
Great work on the cover, front and back. I would even be proud to display it on my wall at home (if it were real.)
Great compilation as well. I've never heard of Alvis Wayne but I dig that music a lot, especially the slow tunes.
Any idea of the release dates? Those dates are usually kind of important to me.
Great job and thank you so much.

Mister Moon a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil !!!!!!!!
This one's a real winner !!!!!!
Alvis Wayne rules !!!!!!!!

Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks, both, for kind words.
To JohnnyDiego: For more info don't hesitate to go to :
and for Alvis Wayne :

Anonyme a dit…

Oh que c'est beau !!! il faut vraiment être amoureux de cette musique pour enfanter de pareilles pièces !...
Chapeau !

The Bootlegger (aux anges!)

boogieman a dit…

Superbe, on dirait un vrai!
Et excellente decouverte car je ne crois pas connaitre ce musicien.

rockin-djames a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil

Que dire WHAT A COVER. Merci pour ce fantastique hommage a l'un des plus grand Rockabillies. Ses simples sur Wesport Records sont fabuleux. J'ai eu la chance de le voir sur scene, il avait une presence et vocalement, on croyait entendre les singles originaux; De plus comme la plupart des artistes US, Very nice person et disponible pour les fans.

Merci encore une fois pour cette superbe issue.