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samedi 14 janvier 2017

Yesterday's Future

01 - Al Ferrier - Seventy Six Dollars A Week
02 - Al Urban - I Watched From The Window
03 - Arch Yancey - I'd Live It Up
04 - Arkey Blue - Yesterday's Future
05 - B. J. Johnson - Why Return
06 - Bill Bacon - Two Arms Two Lips
07 - Bill Madewell - Nashville Bum
08 - Billy Deaton - Color Blind
09 - Billy Fry - Lona's Gone (My Lona Lee)
10 - Bob Gunnels - The Bottle In Hand
11 - Bob King - Defrost Your Heart
12 - Bob Morris - Ordinarily
13 - Bob White - Wondering Mind & Longing Heart
14 - Bobby Barnett - Same Old Love
15 - Bobby Butler - Country Boy With City Ways
16 - Bobby Harden - The Greenest Grass In Town
17 - Brenda Burns - I'll Come Running
18 - Bubba Littrell - Hang Around San Antone
19 - Buck Biggs - Going Back To Texas
20 - Buck McKenzie - Can't Be A Used To Be
21 - Carl Knight - The Woman In The Back Of My Mind
22 - Carl Perkins - Forget Me Next Time Around
23 - Cecil Buffalo - Crazy Eyes
24 - Charles Basco - A Cigarette A Bottle And The Blues

Vuelta Records

12 commentaires:

Apes Ville a dit…

a Cast Iron Arm project.

Anonyme a dit…

Don't speak so loud - it's a project by AK, Cast... & Los Hombres.

"Los Hombres"

Allan Hansen a dit…

Just played a few samples from this one.Another great series.Thanks.

Moe a dit…

Awesome. Thanks so much!!

JohnnyDiego a dit…

Any quick way to find recording dates for these gems?

Rocky Lane a dit…

I hope to see many more in this new series. You folks have records that most of us have never seen.

Boll Weevil a dit…

I have the entire series includig recent "underground" releases, but going to redownload it because of UG's artwork.
Thank you Uncle Gil, Armadilo Killer and CastIronArm for original upload

Rolf a dit…


tonyclark a dit…

Thank you so much

sitarswami a dit…

Many undiscovered classics -- especially "Yesterday's Future." Thanks & looking forward to more.

Steve Wise a dit…

This is great stuff - and the artwork is fantastic. How large is the complete series?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Steve Wise: This series grows everyday. Volume 139 was issued last week... :)