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samedi 7 janvier 2017

The Beat

A1 - Lucille
A2 - The Hippy Hippy Shake
A3 - I Don't Care If The Sune Don't Shine
A4 - Pity Pity
A5 - Splish Splash
A6 - I Can't Help It
B1 - Shake Rattle And Roll
B2 - Lotta Lovin'
B3 - Johnny B. Goode
B4 - She's Got It
B5 - The Beat
B6 - Jumpin' Jack

Vinyl rip, covers, labels

5 commentaires:

KL from NYC a dit…

Do you know if this is the same Little Tony (from Italy) who had a big hit with "Cuore Matto"?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Certainly ! It's the same.
Sadly, he passed away one month ago.

Anonyme a dit…



Anonyme a dit…

He was a big fan of Elvis Presley. His real name was Antonio Ciacci.
He died at age 72
RIP Little Tony

Alvin (ITALY)

Anonyme a dit…

He was a sort of pioneer in Italy , in the 50S when it all began he started with no compromises playing whit his brothers rock'n'roll, when noone was playin' in Italy that kind of"thing" !. Ciao Tony !