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lundi 9 janvier 2017

Run, Boy Run

A01 - The Fool
A02 - Lonesome For A Letter
A03 - A Cheat
A04 - Usta Be My Baby
A05 - 9 Lb Hammer
A06 - Ooo Baby
A07 - Lou Be Doo
A08 - Love Charms
A09 - The Man Who Made An Angel Cry
A10 - Travelin' Man
B01 - Modern Romance
B02 - Still As The Night
B03 - Sing 'em Some Blues
B04 - Bad Luck
B05 - My Jealousy
B06 - Son Of A Gun
B07 - I Can't Help It
B08 - Run, Boy Run
B09 - New Kind Of Fool
B10 - Go On Home

Vinyl rip.

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