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dimanche 8 janvier 2017


A-01 - Introduction with Elvis Presley and Horace Logan
A-02 - I Wanna Play House With You
A-03 - Maybelline
A-04 - Tweedle Dee
B-01 - That's All Right
B-02 - Recollections by Frank Page
B-03 - Hound Dog

Vinyl rip. Artwork

8 commentaires:

Mister Moon a dit…

Nice tribute to Elvis !!
Thanks Uncle Gil !!

rm a dit…

merci beaucoup

bets a dit…

hartelijk bedankt!

Ronny 2013 a dit…

Avry nice tribute to the King _Many thanks Gil my friend
Long Live the King _

Moe a dit…

Sorry to keep bothering you, but there appears to be a wealth of 60's and 70's country music that you can't seem to find anymore. I have recently come upon Chart records and their subsidiaries: Great, Musictown, and Sugarhill with over 400 singles (wow) Any other blogs i may find some of these? I have tried searching your blog but dont see any compilations. Youtube seems the only place with alot of songs, which seems like my best answer.

alan kirwan a dit…

Thanks gil for this.thanks for keeping all this great music alive.keep rockin.

itsonlyelvis a dit…

Great posting !

JeffreyPrevaas a dit…

Thanks i have the lp