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lundi 19 décembre 2016

You Belong To Me (Up)

A1 - Waltz Of The Wind
A2 - Blues Stay Away From Me
A3 - Your Cheatin' Heart
A4 - Frankie and Johnnie
A5 - You Belong to Me
A6 - Rocky Road Blues
B1 - Hey, Good Lookin'
B2 - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)
B3 - The Wayward Wind
B4 - Beautiful Brown Eyes
B5 - Greenback Dollar
B6 - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
B7 - Pistol Packin' Mama

Re-up by request
Fake. Home made artwork

7 commentaires:

rockin-djames a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil

One word fantastic, what a cover and a tribute to this legendary artist. For me the best.

James056 a dit…

Many thanks, looking forward to listening later.
Kind Regards,

JohnnyDiego a dit…

This is the kind of stuff I love, Boppers going back to their country roots. And when I saw that cover I thought this is something that I gotta have! That cover looks just like something out of my record pile.
Imagine my surprise at learning it was homemade and fake. Nice job!
There is a CD compilation called "Gene Vincent - Country Side" and a quick Google image search showed that that CD cover was posted on your site in July 2012, but I couldn't find it. You must have heard of this CD and maybe even posted it at one time. I found a Russian site where it can be downloaded:

But I'll stick with your comp. It is a great compilation! Thanks.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi everybody! Thanks for appreciation.
To JohnnyDiego: This "GV Country Side" CD is one another fake-Home Made Comp and artwork I made (The reference is my birthday date :)).
I'm surprised by the weight of the russian file as my original one is lighter (71 mo in 128 kbps).
I made a third one pf this country stuff(an EP "GV Sings Hank Williams").
By cons, know that under no circumstances I burn CD-R for sale on some CD's online selling sites . Others, disrespectful, do it (some of my Home made comps of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Billy Riley, Gene Vincent ...)

Paco's brother a dit…

Superbe voix, superbes interprétations, bien que connaissant par cœur chaque inflexion mélodique de ces chansons ce disque me parait nouveau, très bon travail, cousu main!

JakeBlues a dit…

Many thanks Uncle Gil for this great collection of Gene Vincent.

Roffe a dit…

Thanks a lot for all these Gene Vincent downloads.