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lundi 5 décembre 2016

Who Shot Willie


A1 - Who Shot Willie
A2 - I'm Only Telling You (What They Told Me)
B1 - I'm Afraid Of Wimmin'
B2 - Don't Look For Trouble

Home made cover

3 commentaires:

cuzpat a dit…

On the same label at the same time their was Arthur "Guitar Boogie" SMith and there was Arthur "Fiddle" Smith. two different person, thought i clear that up for you thanks

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ cuzpat : Thank you...
Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith was a multi-instrumentist. If you talk about this photo, it is indeed the latter. This is an early picture where he is holding a violin, but this is not of course the 'Fiddling' Arthur Smith.

cuzpat a dit…

Sorry i meant to say the photos you had of him is him. because sometime there is some confusing of the name if the guitar or fiddle is not use in their name, plus both releasing record on the same label at the same time LOL! thanks for the reply and correction