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vendredi 16 décembre 2016

Truck Driver's Wife

01 - Ann Barker - I Hate To Admit It
02 - Daisy Mae - Did You Tell Her About Me
03 - Delia Bell & Bill Grant - Beneath The Old Pine Tree
04 - Dianne Holtz - I Got The Hurt
05 - Donna Darlene - I Can't Stop Loving You (live, with intro & outro by Jack Clement)
06 - Dottie Jack - Love And Honor
07 - Edna Lee - Full House
08 - Faith Hill - Trying To Get To You
09 - Goldie Hill - Liquor And Women
10 - Heidi Hauge - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
11 - Kathy Dee - Only As Far As The Door
12 - Lilimai Whitaker & The Dixie Gospelaires - Teardrops Falling In The Snow
13 - Linda Cassady - Lonely Side Of The Bed
14 - Little Peggy - Son Of A Preacher Man
15 - Lucy Traylor - Repenting
16 - Maureen Witt - Seven Lonely Days
17 - Melba Montgomery - Somewhere, Somenight (I'll Find My Baby)
18 - Myrna Lorrie - Life's Changing Scene
19 - Patti Page - Three Fools
20 - Ramona Reed - Don't Send Him Back To Me
21 - Ruby Wright - Billy Broke My Heart At Walgreens (I Cried All The Way To Sears)
22 - Thel Carey - I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
23 - The Tumbleweeds - Truck Driver's Wife
24 - Wanda Conklin - Master Builder
25 - Wilma Lee Cooper - Rachel's Guitar

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7 commentaires:

Allan Hansen a dit…

I have particularly enjoyed discovering some of the non U.S.A. singers like Thel Carey,Heidi Hague,,June Pasher etc.Do you have any full albums you could post?

Searnav a dit…

Well when Vol 24 was posted I asked how many more volumes were to follow and someone says "none" so I'll ask again.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@searnav: Effectivement, il n'était pas prévu, par, Los Hombres, de compiler d'autres volumes. Ils ont fait les fonds de tiroirs et retrouvé de quoi composer deux autres albums. J'ai le volume 26 sous le coude... après je ne sais pas...

frank tally a dit…

hi first of all i like to sorry because its not English and i cannot understand whats in here i do like to say thank you 4 all the music u put up and i thank you 4 the downloads.Frank

Anonyme a dit…

@Allan Hansen:
As far as we know there don't exist any solo albums by Thel Carey (Australia), just some solo tracks on albums with her husband RicK Carey.

Regarding June Pasher (Canada) - seems like there was only released one album by her.

Several albums (11-12) exist by Heidi Hauge (Norway).

Los Hombres

Anonyme a dit…


We said "None at the MOMENT", but things can change quite quickly. Vol. 26 in this series will be the last for a long time.

Los Hombres

Allan Hansen a dit…

I have managed to download a June Pasher album from El Rancho.