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mardi 13 décembre 2016

Story Of The Rockers (Up)

A1 - Bop-A-Rock
A2 - Story Of The Rockers
A3 - Blue, Blue Denims
A4 - Little Girl
A5 - Hollywood U.S.A
A6 - Draggin'
A7 - Those Memories Of You
B1 - Childhood
B2 - Shame, Shame On Jane
B3 - Baby Child
B4 - Land Of The Morning Calm
B5 - Ebony
B6 - A Place Where I Go
B7 - Little Miss Red Riding Hood Surfer Queen Of Hollywood

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

3 commentaires:

Dude Behind The Record Counter a dit…

very very nice... Thank You!

Anonyme a dit…

Re-up please.

Mike a dit…

Jim Pewter! Wow! I used to listen to his programs on Armed Forces Radio and FM-Yokohama. What a gas!