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mardi 6 décembre 2016

Ridin' For The Rancho

1-01 Rag Mop
1-02 Lazy John
1-03 Sugar In My Coffee
1-04 Baby, It Must Be Love
1-05 Eyes Of My Heart
1-06 Ridin' For The Rancho
1-07 Your Love For Me Is Losing Ligh
1-08 Blub Twist
1-09 Milk Cow Blues
1-10 I Wish Your Picture Was You
1-11 Travelin'
1-12 I Wish You Could Learn To Love
1-13 Are You Really Worth It All
1-14 Dance Toward The Door

2-01 Slush
2-02 I Won't Cry Tomorrow
2-03 This Room Is So Crowed
2-04 Relaxin'
2-05 Stay A Little Longer
2-06 Why Do I
2-07 The Red Dress
2-08 Dusty Skies
2-09 Too Soon To Worry
2-10 Time Changes Everything
2-11 Sweet Moments
2-12 Big Beaver
2-13 Glass Of Pride
2-14 Heart Of A Clown

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JohnnyDiego a dit…

I love his record. It is so good. Thanks.