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samedi 17 décembre 2016

I Love Country Music

A01 - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
A02 - Call Me Shorty
A03 - It Won't Be Long Until The Summer
A04 - I Guess I'd Better Be Moving Along
A05 - Kansas City
A06 - Goin' Steady
A07 - Frankie & Johnny
A08 - I'll Hold You In My Heart
A09 - Pardon Me
A10 - Pretending
A11 - You're Not Wearing My Ring
B01 - I Love Country Music
B02 - Funny How Time Slips Away
B03 - I Feel The Blues Coming On
B04 - Act Like You Love Me
B05 - Pardon Me
B06 - Queen Bee
B07 - The Keys To My Kingdom
B08 - How I Wish
B09 - Pardon Me
B10 - Old Kris Kringle
B11 - Mighty Big Wall

Vinyl rip and scans found on the net. Posted by Stampede

2 commentaires:

oldrockboy a dit…

Thanks you ! Great compilation with some unique tracks.

tiny a dit…

Hiya Gil , is there any way of getting a new link to this album , have been looking for one track on here for ages , merci beaucoup ;)