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lundi 26 décembre 2016

Cheatin', Stealin', Steel Guitar Man

01 - Cheatin', Stealin', Steel Guitar Man
02 - My Woman Loves Country Singers
03 - Only Lonely Butterflies
04 - Because You're Gone
05 - For Crying Outloud
06 - My Love Is A Mountain
07 - I'll Be In Love With Wrong
08 - Fallin' In Love W Fallin' Out Of Love
09 - You
10 - Healing Hands Of Time
11 - Some Sunny Mayday
12 - Take Me Back To Mulhensburg County
13 - Sweet Love
14 - I Just Stayed Lonesome
15 - Playlike
16 - Hotel Home
17 - Love Joy
18 - Oh Say Can You See
19 - Wichita Falls
20 - Time Will Tell
21 - Our Last Night
22 - Touch Me Now
23 - Baby's Gone And Mad
24 – Wyoming

Ripped from Spotify. Home made covers

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Frank M. Young a dit…

When were these recordings made? I assume they're post-religious conversion, as the song titles seem to have a 1970s feel to them...

Uncle Gil a dit…

I agree with you, it sounds seventies... I found this :

From CD Baby :
Country Classic - Tracks 1-10

The first four songs of this album were recorded at the Great “Roy Orbison’s Studio” in Nashville, TN. These songs were produced by Billy Strange, Frank & Nancy Sinatra’s & Dean Martin’s Producer.

This was Billy Strange’s first “Country Session” since he was a producer of “Pop” artists. It was a dream of his to do a country album. Later, this session was picked up by Gene Autrey’s label, Republic Records

The first four songs of this album also has the same style of the internationally known CD “Ain’t it Fine” with updated sound quality!

Some of the famous people who played on this album were the Late and Great Hal Rug on Steel. When we recorded “Cheaten Steeling Steel Guitar Man” I would try to impersonate“steel” with my voice and Hal would try to outdo me on the steel! We were trying to make it look like he was steeling all my girlfriend’s with his Steel Playing and I was trying to get them all back with my voice!

The great late Phil Baugh was lead guitar on the first four songs! You can hear his style of playing all through the songs especially on “lonely butterfly”. Carol Lee Singers were back-up for one of the songs! I got to use my style coined by Eddie Hill, “the singer with the steel guitar foot pedal in his voice”

Twenty years after he coined that…the style still worked!

Track 5,6,7, & 8 were recorded at Porter & Dolly’s studio in Nashville, TN. Produced by Louie Ennis! Famous King Records A&R. Three of these four songs were written by Dave on this session. They are “For Cryin Out Loud”, If this is not Right, I’ll be in Love with Wrong”, “Falling out of Love with You”.

The famous people on this session were “the all time legend guitar player”, “Leon Rhodes” and “Legendary Fiddle Player” “Buddy Spicher”. Also one of the great Steel Players of all times, “Curley Chalker”. Also, the writer of “Yakety Sax” the Great and Legendary “James Spider
Rich”, my beloved Brother!

One of my all time favorite songs, “Healing Hands of Time” was written by my friend, Willie Nelson. The song “You” had the “Janie Fricke Back-Up Singers” and the one and only Buddy Emmons on the Steel. The late and great Dave Kirby who wrote “Anybody Going to San Antone” was lead guitar. “You” was written by Dave Rich and his late Son-in-law Eddie Cooley.
For Tracks 11-24 : No comments on the web

Moe a dit…

Any chance for a re-up on this? After hearing the post from today, i really want to hear more.Thanks!!

Moe a dit…

WOW Thanks so much for the re-up!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup zio Gil!