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lundi 21 novembre 2016

Workin' On The River

A1 - Red Hot
A2 - Rock With Me Baby  (No 1)
A3 - Flying' Saucers Rock 'n' Roll
A4 - No Name Girl
A5 - I Want You Baby
A6 - Wouldn't You Know
A7 - Got The Water Boilin'
A8 - Down By The Riverside
B1 - Rock With Me Baby  (No 2)
B2 - That's Right
B3 - Baby Please Don't Go
B4 - Open The Door Richard
B5 - Sun Goin' Down On Frisco
B6 - Workin' On The River
B7 - Lookin' For My Baby
B8 - Pilot Town Louisiana

Vinyl rip. Posted by jollyjumper

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