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mardi 29 août 2017

Solid Rock (Up)

A1 - The Vibes (Vcl. Ronnie Franklin) - Pretty Baby
A2 - Farris Wilder - It's All Your Fault
A3 - Lenny And The Thundertones - Thunder Express
A4 - Terry Daly And The Nu-Tones - You Don't Bug Me
A5 - Jimmie John - Solid Rock
A6 - Jan & Arnie - Gas Money
A7 - Ray Willis - Whatta You Do
B1 - Wally Wiggins - I Need You
B2 - Wayne Williams And The Sure Shots - Red Hot Mama
B3 - Gene Wyatt - Prettiest Girl At The Dance
B4 - The Echo Valley Boys - Washmachine Boogie
B5 - Katie Webster - Hoo Wee, Sweet Daddy
B6 - Billy Wayne And The Jackson Boys - I Love My Baby
B7 - Billy Wayne And The Jackson Boys - Walking And Strolling

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

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