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lundi 14 novembre 2016

Roll Call

A1 - I Got Stripes
A2 - A Certain Kinda Hurtin'
A3 - A Little At Time
A4 - All Over Again
A5 - Still In Town
A6 - Smiling Bill McCall
A7 - The Wind Changes
B1 - The Sons Of Katie Elder
B2 - Dark As A Dungeon
B3 - Tennessee Flat-Top Box
B4 - The Matador
B5 - Send A Picture Of Mother
B6 - You Dreamer You
B7 - Red Velvet


A1 - Bottom Of A Mountain
A2 - You Beat All I Ever Saw
A3 - Put The Sugar To Bed
A4 - Blues For Two (The Tennessee Two)
A5 - Girl From Saskatoon
A6 - Time And Time Again
A7 - Jerri And Nina's Melody (The Tennessee Two)
B1 - Honky Tonk Girl
B2 - Locomotive Man
B3 - Bandana (The Tennessee Two)
B4 - Second Honeymoon
B5 - I'll Remember You
B6 - Wabash Blues (The Tennessee Two)
B7 - Lorena
B8 - Roll Call

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

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