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mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Jive After Jive

A1 - Levi Jacket (And A Long Tail Shirt)
A2 - Jive After Jive
A3 - Hollywood City
A4 - The Fool I Used To Be
A5 - Hambone
A6 - Sister Twister
A7 - L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E
A8 - Honey 'cause I Love You
B1 - Pink Pedal Pushers
B2 - This Life I Live
B3 - Pop, Let Me Have The Car
B4 - Too Much For A Man To Understand
B5 - Highway Of Love
B6 - Forget Me (Next Time Around)
B7 - Pointed Toe Shoes
B8 - Just For You

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Alexandre Colobone a dit…

hy friend, good morning, please re-post, thank you