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jeudi 24 novembre 2016

Hot Hamburger


A1 - Hodges Bros - I'm Gonna Rock Some Too
A2 - Lee Slaughters & The Cumberland Playboys - Hot Hamburger
A3 - Lloyd McCullough & The Driftin' Hillbillies - Oh Darling
A4 - Burt Kline - Shove Off Short Stuff
A5 - Jimmy Pickard - I Got Another Love
A6 - Jimmie Dale - Tennessee Ghost Train
A7 - Lonnie Smithson - It Takes Time
B1 - Unknown - I'm Comin' Home
B2 - Danny & Audrey Harrison - Rock-a-billy Boogie
B3 - Lloyd McCullough & The Driftin' Hillbillies - Watch That Girl
B4 - Link Davis - Grasshopper
B5 - Leon Bass - Come On Baby
B6 - Vince Anthony - Too Hot To Handle
B7 - Bill Mack - Johnny's Gal Frankie

Fresh Vinyl rip w HQ artwork

4 commentaires:

erasmus a dit…

first, please excuse my commenting in english.

i want to express appreciation for this site, and now, specifically, for offering the flac files as an option.

around the turn of the century, resistance to lossless formats was understandable, in that many were still on painfully slow dial-up, many players wouldn't play flac, ape, ogg files etc, and storage space was an issue. but, now, with faster internet speeds, virtually every modern player handling them, and the price of storage continuing to drop, i find the resistance to superior lossless formats puzzling.

i realize that some truly cannot tell the difference between lossy and lossless, and that's fine, but for those of us who can, the lossless option is sought after and greatly appreciated when found. thank you.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ erasmus :
I humbly admit that I don't make the difference between 320 and flac, except the weight of the files. Perhaps my advanced age and my fifty years on stage have somewhat destroyed my sound perception.
But I'm glad that you're happy :)
I will post .flac files when possible...

erasmus a dit…

thank you for your response. it's a topic that is hard to discuss with some who take mention of lossless preference as complaining or lack of gratitude. that is not at all my attitude. it's not my place to make demands or to be negatively critical. the resistance to lossless has just been a genuine curiosity.

there is one site in particular, which i won't name, which specializes in finding out-of-print very rare vinyl. they go to all the trouble of tagging and doing high resolution scans, but present the music typically at 128. that just totally baffles me.

thanks again, gil, for all your great shares.

Unknown a dit…

Thanks for the FLAC. THis makes a real difference in the listening experience.