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samedi 19 novembre 2016

Hold Back The Tears

This is the last volume of this very appreciated series

01 - Anita Allen - Zip Code
02 - Ann Clark - A Girl That Works In A Bar
03 - Anna Jane - Hold Back The Tears
04 - Barbara Dale - This Little Old Lamb
05 - Betty Jean Robinson - Daddy, I Can Make It On My Own
06 - Billie Morgan - Country Girl At Heart
07 - Boots Till - Two Lonely People
08 - Cathy Collins with The Buckshots - I Was Your Everything
09 - Cindy Carson - You've Got The Wrong Bottle
10 - Connie Dudlay - Louisiana
11 - Delores Bryant - On The Inside Of A Bottle Looking Out
12 - Dessie Faulkner - I Cried Again
13 - Donna Darlene - Invitation To The Blues
14 - Edith Roberts - He’s My Curly Headed Baby
15 - Gracie Williams - I Want Some More Of This
16 - Jan Hurley - You're Almost Out Of My Mind
17 - Linda Cassady - Little Teardrops (Are Smarter Than You Think)
18 - Sammi Smith - Foxy Dan
19 - Sharon Higgins - A Long Way From Heaven
20 - Sherri Jerrico - Everything You Touch Turns To Hurt
21 - Shirlee Hunter - The Last Place You Go
22 - Shirley Greenfield - Hello Whiskey
23 - Sue Thompson - Last Night I Heard Somebody Cry
24 - Dessie Faulkner - I Dare You To Love Me
25 - Donna Darlene - Yes, There's A Reason (live, with intro & outro by Jim Reeves)

Compiled by Los Hombres

15 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thank goodness this rubbish has finished.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Anonym uh?

Anonyme a dit…

That was an offensive comment to all, as me, who have found this series of rare female singers very interesting. Do you think blogs only post music that fits your musical taste? If you feel so bad about about this, go somewhere else!

Anonyme a dit…

40s,50s and early 60s female country singers would have been far better

Anonyme a dit…

I don't think they'll find any more rare singers from those decades - and that music you can find on extremely many albums around the net on iTunes etc.

Anonyme a dit…

As I said before in an earlier comment on an earlier Volume....absolutely great covers (artwork) pity about the "musical" (???) content. Anything recorded after about 1962.....forget it !!!.

LasseLloyd a dit…

Once again, thank you very much for this great serie!

Donna Rose a dit…

While I would not describe this series as rubbish it is a very poor series - there are no dates to the tracks, no documentation on the performers or tracks, no discernable logical order and the whole enterprise appears to be more an attempt to spread naive propaganda (easily removable) rather than a serious musical anthology.

Anonyme a dit…

I think it will be difficult to find any documentation on many of these rare artists, nor dates etc. to the tracks any place. The more familiar artists we all know much about, and for them it's easy to find discographies on the net. I have enjoyed the music this series have given me, and that we don't find such tracks on "every" compilation found on the net.

JohnnyDiego a dit…

What are all the negative comments about? I thought this was a fantastic series and I've enjoyed it immensely. I've found all the release dates, most on 45cat. Google searches found most others. Those difficult to find could be estimated by record number and other releases by the artists.
Each song complied by Los Hombres was a wonder in itself, good old honky-tonk and real country music, not the crossover bullshit that is so often found nowadays.
Thank you, Uncle Gil for sharing these comps. I listen to them daily. I would suggest to those who don't appreciate the time and effort it took to compile this series to delete it all and find Carrie Underwood or Faith Hill's brand new pop album that they try to pass off as country.

Allan Hansen a dit…

Well spoken Johnny Diego.No one forces anyone to download or listen to these.Why waste time criticising people who are trying to bring us something different,and obscure.An excellent series.

howstean a dit…

I thought this was an excellent series with material from several decades, some well known artists & others less so. If a post is not to your taste, move on to one that is more to your liking. Someone spent time sourcing and compiling these 15 albums, and designing the artwork. They deserve thanks and I do so.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks to all who gave us positive comments! ...and don't forget all the vinyl cleaning of crackle & clicks in order to give you a satisfactory sound.

One of "The Los Hombres".

Rocky Lane a dit…

I tried to download Vol. 14 and 15 and both have been hacked. The Download link on Zippyshare sends you to bad places on the web. AVG flags the files as infected. Can't tell if this is the Zippyshare, Blogspot or Uncle Gil computer that has been hacked.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@Rocky Lane: No problem right now from my side to download. Zippy encountered from time to time some problems. The files, here, are safe.