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mardi 1 novembre 2016

Barefoot Fiddler

01. Sallie Gooden
02. Black And White Rag
03. Silver Bell
04. Goodnight Waltz
05. Under The Double Eagle
06. Crafton Blues
07. Darling Nellie Gray
08. Fat Boy Rag
09. Down Yonder
10. Ragtime Annie
11. On The Alamo
12. Barefoot Fiddler
13. Twilight Waltz
14. Twinkle, Little Star
15. Red Wing
16. Flower Of Mexico
17. Carroll County Blues
18. Draggin' The Bow
19. Dreamy Eyes Waltz
20. Lime Rock
21. Rainy Day Monday Blues
22. Alabama Jubilee
23. Tuxedo Junction
24. Beaumont Rag
25. Big 'Taters In Sandy Land
26. Texas Jole Blon'
27. Rubber Dolly
28. Breakdown On The Freeway

From the clouds.

3 commentaires:

Larry a dit…

This is wonderful! Johnny Gimble was a virtuoso Texas fiddler but was just as great a human being.
Do you have his great album Johnny Gimble Presents the Texas Swing Pioneers on CMH? He brings many of of his own heroes back to the studio for a set of amazing Western swing. I had the vinyl long ago, but have been searching for a digital version for years.

Uncle Gil a dit…

I'm sorry, I don't have the CMH album.

codeg a dit…

The link is dead. Can you kindly repost it? Many thanks!